Edinburgh Castle – The Chipotle Burger


So the Ed Castle apparently has the oldest continuous license in Adelaide. It also has a ‘world famous’ $10 lunch menu, including burgers, which we have investigated to some extent here. They also have a front bar, a beer garden, a ‘main room’ and a balcony for functions.

These things are all quite fascinating of course (I actually found the stories around the oldest venues etc quite interesting, but google that if you want more info). However they tell you nothing about whether the Ed can deliver on the burger front. Continue reading

Edinburgh Castle – $10 Cheeseburger & GAR Burger

Ed Castle fish.jpg

For quite some time now we have been trying and trying to get down to the ed castle for lunch following some recommendations by our loyal fans.  Making the walk from work to the other side of the city for some burgers and beers and back again within the usual lunch hour had always proved a daunting task.  Today we decided to just get on with it and fulfil our duty to our followers and provide to you the feedback on the ed castle’s burger offerings.
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