Kings Head Hotel – Brisket Burger

Kings Hotel brisket burger

Being long time fans of the Kings Head Hotel, dating back to well before this humble blog kicked off, it is a little hard to explain why we didn’t jump at the chance to sample the Brisket Burger earlier in the year when it first came into being. It looked and sounded fantastic, and it went onto “the list”* but then the days ticked by, turned into weeks, and the opportunity slipped by.
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Seven Stars Hotel – Little Bo Peep (May challenger)


In case you missed it, we were very recently alerted to the new Burger Challenge that the Seven Stars Hotel have just commenced. We go into this in more detail on the review of the ‘Champion’, Vote 4 Pedro – but in a nutshell they put up 2 burgers to be judged, and then based on a combination of Facebook likes and sales at the pub, a winner will be found. This winner then plays on for the next month, and then another challenger steps up.

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